1. Doors will be locked during business hours. Text or call upon arrival.

We will not be using a waiting area at all. No bringing friends or extra humans. Children allowed and accompanied by a parent if they have an appointment only. It's the state guidelines, please make arrangements. Arrive, call or text us. We will come out and grab you when we are ready for your appointment to begin.

2. You MUST wear a mask with ear loops for hair services.

NO MASK = NO SERVICE, no exceptions, period. I have consulted our lawyer on this and it is wihtin our rights to refuse you.

Don't have a mask? We sell them HERE! Order your mask in advance! We have fab cloth ones with filter pocket for purchase in large, regular and child, handcrafted by me for $12.50 plus tax* note the increase. Filters $5 extra, ear saver extenders $2 extra, no returns or exchanges -or- we have disposables for $1 ---quantities limited so please just bring your own.

3. We will be masked and your station wlil be pre-sanitized.

We will be masked all day and for face to face services we will have a shield. It's miserable to wear this stuff all day long, but we have to do this for a while unfortunately.

4. You will be required to sanitize your hands upon entering.

There will be a sanitation station upon entering you will be required to sanitize your hands.

5. We prefer you use a contactless payment system

We prefer a contactless payment system both to save time and to lesson hands on our pos system. If you must pay in cash, we cannot give change, so you'll need to be exact with it. As of now bank lobbies are still closed.

You can easily add a credit card to your schedulicity account, you may have done that already anyway. It's a very easy system to use, low fees and minimum contact on our own phones. We can also do Venmo or PayPal. Our Venmo is @Angela-SCHULZ, or PayPal is rockabettyssalon@gmail.com.

6. If you are sick, do not come in.

For the safety of our clients and staff, if you are sick or experiencing symptoms, please recover quickly and reschedule your appointment.

Additional changes and procedures

Time will be added to services so we can sanitize above and beyond what we normally do. I'll have paper towels by the bathroom door. Use one to touch handles of the door knob, toilet flush handle, faucet handles. There's noooo way we can sanitize that stuff between every single human.

We will have to muddle through services with your masks on. Some stylists have posted hacks like double sided tape it on your face, or connect it low on the neck with a spare comb, or wrap end papers around ties to prevent color. We will figure out the "NEW NORMAL" together.

We will be skipping blow dries, it's been suggested to be cautious as it could blow virus around the room. We may not do this forever, but at least at first as we navigate this stuff.

I can't pretend I'm calm and ready to come back. I'm anxiety ridden about all of it. The usual owner concerns...money in the bank....keeping staff and clients safe....makind everyone happy....not dying in the process. The usual stuff.

I'll ask if you must contact us about booking that you email for now. I will only be in the salon one day this weekend sometime to prepare things. We won't be able to take a ton of phone calls even when we do open about booking and moving things.

I know neighborhood people will be tempted to just pop in, or swing on by. WE LOVE YOU!!! But please don't. We won't let you in :( We can't take any walk-ins, we were even advised not to take any new clients at all. We will have to catch up at your next appointment and believe me....I really look forward to that. I've really limited my exposure during quarantine and haven't seen a lot of humans at all. I'm even weirder now than ever before.


Thank you so much for sticking by us. So many of you bought gift certificates, products, masks, and without your support I woundn't have been able to pay those bills we couldn't defer. You're all amazing and generous humans and we thank our lucky stars you chose us every day. Without you, we are not possible.